Practice areas

Construction Law, Personal Injury Defense, Governmental Liability Defense, Commercial Litigation and Insurance Law


Attorneys at Anderson Reynolds & Stephens have extensive experience in handling and defending construction cases involving construction-related issues including breach of contract, construction defects, surety issues, mechanics’ liens, and defective design.  The firm represents a broad range of construction professionals including general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, product manufacturers and design professionals.  Our litigation experience includes the trial of construction cases involving single-family homes, office buildings, condominiums, apartment complexes and hotels.  In those cases, the issues litigated included fire losses, contractual responsibilities, indemnification, product liability, defective workmanship, defective design, proper repair protocol, economic loss and insurance coverage.

A key focus in our analysis of construction defect claims is determining the best possible resolution of the claim including development of partnering arrangement between owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, forensic professionals, repair contractors, and insurers for the pre-litigation repair and restoration of the project.

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Anderson Reynolds & Stephens provides the highest quality defense for insurers, self-insured corporations, businesses and individuals at the state and federal levels. Our defense team is experienced in all phases of a personal injury claim, including investigation, discovery and trial.  We have handled and tried to verdict a multitude of personal injury cases, ranging from motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, products liability, premises liability, worksite accidents, sports-related injuries, railroad crossing accidents and wrongful death cases.  Medical issues that have been successfully defended when litigated to verdict include traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries resulting in paralysis and other disabilities, spinal injuries requiring surgical intervention, multiple broken bones and death.  Cases have been tried to verdict in state and federal courts.

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Attorneys at Anderson Reynolds & Stephens have experience in defending claims related to roads and highways, railroad and highway crossings, municipal and school tort claims, and government contracting.  Anderson Reynolds & Stephens has successfully combined the firm’s experience in handling personal injury claims with the firm’s intimate knowledge and in-depth grasp of the issues presented by the S.C. Torts Claims Act in the representation of governmental entities against serious injuries and death based upon allegations of negligent design, construction, and maintenance of highways, bridges, roads, railroad crossings, parking garages and recreational areas.

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Anderson Reynolds & Stephens represents individuals, businesses and corporations in commercial disputes that involve insurance contracts, construction contracts, sales contracts, leases, performance bonds, payment bonds and franchise agreements.  The firm’s representation extends to litigation in state and federal courts.

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Anderson Reynolds & Stephens provides representation and analysis to insurance companies and insured individuals, corporations and governmental entities on issues of insurance coverage.  The firm has experience providing coverage opinions to insurance companies on policies written for personal automobiles, homeowners, commercial trucking and commercial general liability with follow-up declaratory judgment actions in state and federal court.

General topics and issues upon which opinions have been given include stacking of automobile policies, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, coordination of automobile coverage with workers’ compensation, time on risk analysis and application of exclusions.  The firm provides efficient and accurate analysis of an insurance policy’s application to specific claims.

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