About our firm

Anderson Reynolds & Stephens, LLC, is a statewide civil litigation defense firm that represents individuals, their businesses, corporations, insurance carriers and government entities in a wide array of disputes.  Anderson Reynolds & Stephens is a member of the Claims & Litigation Management Alliance.

Anderson Reynolds & Stephens provides representation in disputes stemming from commercial and residential construction, and personal injury claims.

Anderson, Reynolds & Stephens, LLC

The firm’s personal injury defense work includes cases arising out of construction-related incidents, motor vehicle accidents, railroad crossing accidents, slip and falls, marine accidents and defective products.  The firm has been particularly effective and successful in trial defending claims involving deaths and serious personal injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries.

In construction disputes that involve liens, breach of contract, breach of warranty, use of defective products and negligence allegations, the firm has enjoyed success in the courtroom and client satisfaction through negotiated settlement.  With early intervention, the firm has had success in resolving construction defect disputes through partnering between all parties to obtain a cost-effective fix without litigation.

Anderson Reynolds & Stephens is committed to resolving your dispute effectively and at the lowest cost through negotiated settlement, litigation or alternative dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation or summary trial.